Friday, September 19, 2008

Barnyard of the Stars

Johnny isn't the only big star that's decided to live here. Nope. We're running a full scale rehab, er I mean spa, facility right here in the backyard. Sean Penn, aka Bob, is one of our more notorious guests...

"Hey Bob, can we get a shot of you and the ladies?"

"Yeah, that's good Bob. Now how about one facing me?"

"Oh yeah, love it Bob. Maybe a little closer this time?"

"Uh, Bob? What are you doing? I can't see the ladies."

"BOB? What are ya doin'?"

"BAD Chicken, BAD Chicken!"


Renee said...

I love Bob! Can I start a Bob the Rooster fanclub/blog? Oh wait - he already has this one. ;-D

Milah said...

You need to sign him up with a modeling agency!!!