Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mr. Hospitality

Miss Polly and her little ladies made their debut out in the run this week.

At first Old Jack was fine with it. In fact I swear he perked up and said "Hubba, hubba!" under his breath. That is until he spotted the babies.

Jack didn't like the babies at all.

He said "This ain't no stinkin' day care, this is the Playboy coop! Get those babies out of here."

I reminded him I didn't have much room left for chickens. The babies had to go somewhere. Then I fanned myself with a copy of my Betty Crocker cookbook. (I might have just happened to have it open to the fried chicken recipe.) And the next thing you know...

Me: "Where you going Jack?"

Jack: "I'm going to build a jungle gym."


bennie and patsy said...

That is showing that bad boy a thing or two about what flies.LOL

Milah said...

haha..that's funny!

Winona said...

I just love your sense of humor. LOL Winona

Jayne said...

Hilarious! Miss Polly is a beautiful hen. No wonder Jack said, "Hubba, hubba!"

Hoosier Homemade said...

Don't you just love roosters? We used to have some growing up and my Dad called him Joe.
How fun!

Julia said...

THat is funny. I like your commentary. Quite good. Thanks for the smile tonight. Found you as a recommendation on FB. They did well!