Monday, May 18, 2009

Sheepless Nights

Does it seem like it's taking FOREVER for it to be time to pick up our new lambs or is it just me?

I've read where having lighting in the barn lot reduces predation by about 90%. We really needed some outdoor light anyway, I mean it's so dark out here even the boogyman gets a little freaked out by it. So viola, behold a light on a pole. And if you look closely there's also an outdoor outlet for a tank heater if needed. And here's the kicker....

they actually WORK.

I know you're sitting there scratching your head thinking "What's the big deal?" Well, had you been here during the Great Outdoor Strobe Light Adventure you would know. You would understand that after that experience with a certain electrician I'm eternally grateful to the new guy. Cause the old guy took more than 10 trips to try to hook up a security light on our garage. TEN TRIPS to install a light fixture.

It always seemed to be working while he was here (0r so he said), but at night, when it would get dark, when you would actually want the light to function it would switch it's self to psychedelic strobe mode. The bats thought they'd flown into a 70's disco. It went on for months. I finally felt so bad for the guy I told him just to install one of those lights with the motion sensor and call it done. And you know what? You have to walk up to that light, jump up and down, flap your arms and scream at it before it comes on. I feel very secure.

So yeah, outdoor lighting that works as it should all by itself is a wonder to behold around here. And if the day ever comes when we FINALLY have sheep, they'll be safer and I'll sleep better at night.


Milah said...

LOL, we have a sensor light with a birds nest on top of it. Everytime the bird flies in or out of her nest the light comes on!

christine said... need a livestock protection dog and then your sheep will be safe for certain. And I just happen to have a Great Pyr puppy that is in need of a new farm.

If you are interested in adding a LSPD to your farm I'd love to offer you Molly...she is not happy living in the woods in a cabin...she needs a farm to call home.