Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kid Quilts Workday

My quilt guild donates quilts for kids to the pediatric unit at a nearby hospital. Today nine of us gathered at the library to assemble some of this years quilts.

The quilts are quick and easy. A couple of the gals that chair this committee already had kits made up for us which made them even easier. Some of us worked on piecing the tops, some on piecing together scraps of batting, some worked on layering and others on finishing the sandwiching. It was a regular sweat shop assembly line. One of the gals has a long-arm at home so she'll be quilting them before they are delivered to the hospital.

I started out trying to take pictures of them all, but ended up getting engrossed in what I was working on and forgot all about my camera. Here is the first one I did. The panels are adorable with farm animals. Just added striped borders and called it done.

This one with race cars and flame fabric is perfect for a little boy. It was layered with a black and white checkerboard print on the back.

Super bright robot panels with bright solid borders. Super cute. I wish I had a nickle for every time we said something was cute today.

I loved the scrappy, I spy-like quilts we made.

Lots of stuff to spy.

They claimed this hexagon one was easy. I think they're fibbing. They gave me the pattern. We shall see about how easy it is.

The Quilts of Valor committee had their quilts on display in the main hall of the library. They were stunning. But I think with my skill level I'll just stick with the kid quilts committee for a while. (I think I just heard the QoV committee chair just let out a sigh of relief.)


Milah said...

That QOV quilt is stunning! And some kids is gonna have a smile on there faces when they get one of these. That's nice of you to give of your time and talent for these kids.


Elizabeth said...

Dear quiltfriend,
I got your mailadres from, and I have a question to you.
My sister is, after an exiting period, finaly pregnant of her first baby.
Now I would like to make a bright-colored quilt for her. To welcome the baby to this world
with a quilt from patches from all over the world. I try to collect scraps of 12x12 cm (5x5 inch).
Do you have a piece of fabric that may be suitable, perhaps you would sent it to me.
I would really like to use it!

Many thanks and warm greetings,
Elizabeth Kremer
Wedderweg 91
9665 JM Oude Pekela