Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gardening With No Garden

Last year after the chickens stole my garden plot I tucked a few tomato plants in with my flowers. A few is not enough. I want enough tomatoes to can up a batch or two. This year I'll be tucking tomatoes into every nook, crannie and vessel that even resembles a pot to plant things in. I figure it will be the great tomato experiment. I have seven varieties, Brandywine, Early Girl, Big Boy, Celebrity, La Roma II, another Roma which I can't remember and a Juliet grape. One way or the other I'll be putting up tomatoes this year. Even if they all croak and I have to buy them at the farmer's market I'm canning tomatoes this year.

I'll stuff in a few peppers and some cabbage while I'm at it. Maybe grow some beans on a few trellises. I'm pretty sure the original owners here used to do the same because I've found chives and other edibles tucked in all over the flower beds. Other than that we'll have to rely on harvesting the fruits and berries around here. We have the materials to make some beautiful raised beds but we have too many projects going on all at once. I don't think we'll be able to get them finished in time for planting, but at least we now have a plan for where everything will go.

If you look at an old plat map from the 70s it's easy to see where the original orchard was. Now there is only one poor old deformed apple tree left. And where the other trees were there is now a septic system. It's also where the sheep shack now resides. So I've decided to move the orchard and the garden.

We'll be planting semi-dwarf trees this weekend on the North end of the property. Two apples, Granny Smith and Jonathan. Then an Elberta peach and a Harrow Delight pear. The kid was all excited about getting the Granny Smith tree. It may be be a few years before he gets much out of it. I think I'll wait until after he helps dig the holes to share that little tidbit. I'd hate to squelch his enthusiasm before the work is done.


Milah said...


You and I are so much alike! All these plans we made for this spring sounded wonderful in February!;D

I'm making progress every day, but I still haven't got my garden plowed. I have a feeling I'll be planting in the mud this year. I did set out two tomato plants behind the house. They'll be more convienent for me there than down the road in my garden plot.

We still haven't started our chicken coop. Chicks will be here June 8. I don't know how my husband is gonna get the planting done AND build a coop. It will be interesting......

Winona said...

I have lived here for 32 years and still don't have everything like I want. LOL Sounds like you are getting closer to having the big garden and orchard. Those are some good looking trees. I noticed our cherry tree is just loaded with blooms. I planted 2 cherry, 3 peach, 3 apple and 2 pear trees about 7 years ago. One of the cherry trees died due to spray from our neighbor/farmer, all 3 of the apple trees croaked, we've gotten lots of peaches from the peach trees and a few cherries, nothing yet from the pears. So I hope you have better luck with fruit that we have had.(grin) Winona

Annie said...

I'm planting my winter vegi garden this weekend. I too have a Granny Smith.

bennie and patsy said...

You go girl!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm doing the same thing with the tomatoes! My problem is not enough sun and too many shade trees. I love the trees but I need a sunny spot for a garden and the price of taking down a tree is sky high. blessings, marlene