Monday, October 5, 2009


The De-Rabbitized Zone. I loved Beatrix Potter growing up. The stories. The cute little drawings of fuzzy bunnies. That was before I started gardening. I no longer like bunnies. Nope. Now it's war.

Over the weekend the Engineer fashioned a rabbit proof garden gate.

Then installed a rabbit proof fence.

The placement of which was determined by the old gas acetylene generator. If you haven't been hanging out here since the beginning and haven't heard the fascinating story behind the generator you really should go check it out.

The generator sat on a concrete slab that isn't going anywhere fast. It and gads of bricks are embedded in the ground most likely because of the explosion. What explosion you ask? See, I told you. You really should read that story. Anyway, it made setting the corner post a bit challenging and not even remotely square.

But I think it will hold the fence up and keep our DRZ secure. All that is left to do is cut the corner posts down and install a chicken hatch so the chickens can come in and work their excavating magic on the area.

In the mean time Sparky looks longingly at the grass and bugs. "If only I could get to the other side."

Soon, little buddy, soon.


Nancy K. said...

Have I mentioned how I long for taught fences and square, well hung gates???

Is he available for RENT?


Mom L said...

I just spent a good bit of time browsing your old posts, especially those about Bob, Jack, and the other feathered urchins. Do you write children's books? If not, why not??!! Your stories are fabulous!

Thanks for all the chuckles.

Nancy in Iowa

Angela said...

You say rabbits, I say squirrels. You say veggies, I say flower bulbs. Hundreds of them. Poof. Gone. You say fence, I say gun. :o)

Milah said...

Ditto, what Angela said!

I had never read the story about the generator. What a story that was, and intersting how your blog got it's name. I'm glad you brought that to my attention.

bennie and patsy said...

Now that is some story.Love your blog.

Jayne said...

Hey, Mom L has a great idea! Your chicken stories especially would be great kids' books. And the tale of the generator explosion is one of my all-time favorite posts, anywhere. Hilarious!

Karen Anne said...

Gas pipes freeze?

Renee said...

I also long for taught and well hung, er I digress. This post reminded me of a great movie -Rabbit Proof Fence. Watch it with the kid. Interesting history note about Australia.fullu