Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Camera Issue

Some of you will recall my old Nikon D70s decided to stop working just before the holidays. I had issues with it for years. I would be happily clicking along then it would just jam up for no reason. I would have to remove the CF card and replace it or turn the camera on and off to restart it. It was a known issue I could have had repaired, but that would mean I’d have to send it off and be without a camera for months, so I never bothered, I just muddled through. Right before Christmas though, it decided my tinkering was no longer sufficient and it just jammed up all together.


After hyperventilating during my panic, I placed an order for a reasonably-priced camera that I thought would be good enough for me. I don’t always use all the bells and whistles a dSLR affords anyway, so I figured I could make do. I was wrong. Trying to take pictures of moving livestock with a dSLR is hard, trying it with a point and shoot is nearly impossible. It seems once you use a nice dSLR regularly, you can never go back.
So I thought, “Hmm, maybe I should send my old D70s in to Nikon and have it fixed?” As I was preparing to send it in, I discovered it had miraculously healed itself and was back to its usual intermittent-only issues. I packaged up the new camera and sent it back so fast it would have made your head spin.


It wasn’t long though before I realized the D70s really was on its last leg, now the sensors seemed wonky, and it was only a matter of time before I was going to have to do something. I knew I wanted the D7000 but it was sold out EVERYWHERE. I hemmed and hawed and debated and maybe even moaned a little. Then the other night, sleep deprived and worried out of my mind about Louise, I found a refurbished model offered for sale through the local camera shop. Local as in Indianapolis, which really isn’t local at all, but closer than say, Dallas, if you know what I mean. I had done business with the company before and decided it would be safe to try it; I knew I wouldn’t have any problem returning it if I didn’t like it.


The only issue with this company is that they are located in downtown Indianapolis. Don’t get me wrong, downtown Indy has lots to offer, obviously, otherwise they wouldn’t be hosting the Superbowl.  I lived in the city for three years and can even navigate the streets pretty well. I just don’t like to. I feel like they leave about a half-inch of space between my car and the next guy’s and the Roberts Camera parking lot is even tighter. I can barely walk through a door frame without hitting one side or the other, let alone drive a car through it. I prefer the wide-open space out here in the middle of nowhere. So I ordered the sucker online, leaving the navigation issues to the UPS guy.  Then Louise took a turn for the worse and I completely forgot about it.


During one of my bathroom breaks, while I was nursing Louise, the phone rang. It was Nick from Roberts Camera. Apparently the bank thought it was a little strange that a woman who normally only shops at Tractor Supply and yarn shops would be buying, returning and buying again electronic equipment, and so declined the transaction thinking it was fraud. I apologized, sighed, and said, “I’m kind of in the middle of nursing a sick llama.”

Nick replied, “Yeah, I know I read that on the blog. How is she doing?”

I sat there stunned as a bat, not able to respond. Finally muttering, “Excuse me? You read my blog?”


He proceeded then to explain that they research all their internet orders to make sure someone isn’t ordering it fraudulently,  so they had Googled me to make sure I was a real person, when he stumbled across the blog. His wife liked llamas, so he’d stopped to read what was going on.

It was all rather surreal given my mental state at the time.

In the end, I explained what was happening and I have to say they were the nicest people, saving the highly-sought-after camera for me and telling me not to worry about it until things here were settled, whenever that might be.

Something tells me they wouldn’t have done that at Best Buy. 

On Friday, after not leaving the farm or even showering for days, the Engineer was anxious to get me out and about. He chauffeured me downtown to pick up the camera, and as you can see it is working properly. I’m still not a fan of driving around downtown, but I am a fan of Roberts Camera, so if you find yourself in need of a camera or accessories I would highly recommend you give them a call.
As for the D7000? I’m still learning it, but have to say I was quite smitten after just the first two photos. Lightning fast shutter speed and settings out the wazoove, erything I always wanted. I think we’ll develop a good working relationship. I should mention, all the photos on this blog are straight out of the camera, completely unedited. Not only do I not own a copy of Photoshop, I wouldn’t know how to use it even if I did.


tonya said...

Your photos are great! Your description of your camera? Well, it makes me want one! I have been using a point and shoot.. my only compaint is missing shots while my camera is still thinking. (however, i really don't know any better) I can only imagine after experiencing a fast, nice camera, there's no going back! congrats on the new purchase!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Good for you. I bought my D7000 a couple months ago and it is a great camera. Nice store to work with you the way they did.

rkbsnana said...

Wonderful pictures - as usual. Your close-up of the little black faced lamb is so sweet. I too am in market for "any camera besides my iPhone" and will check out their site. Thanks

Milah said...

Perhaps Roberts Camera could work out a deal with you for some free advertisement.

Taryn said...

The photos are beautiful. I will try not to be jealous but if I can't stand it I think I might just have to try Roberts Photography if I get a new camera. It's nice to have a new toy to distract you from your recent upheaval. I bet if you got Photoshop you would have it figured out in no time.

Michelle said...

I'm glad you have compassionate retailers and a dandy new toy to distract you a bit from the pain in your heart. I've been distracting myself with this and that since my horse left and it DOES help - a little.

Mary Ann said...

Very nice pictures, I would say you got a good buy!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Awesome pictures!! Sharp and focused. Love the expressions of your sheep. You're going to have so nice wool this spring!

Evelyn said...

Great photos, really loved the butt shot

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! Glad you got what you wanted... :-))

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

I'll second the Roberts Camera praise, and feel very lucky that we have their north side shop very nearby.
I am glad you got a driver to take you downtown. I don't like driving those busy streets either!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures! I am still need to learn what all the buttons and things are on my camera.

I am impressed that Nick took so much time to check out the purchase.

Hope Louise is feeling better.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Well, my dear, I do have Photoshop Elements but I can't use it either!! My D60 doesn't even begin to come up to the D7000. Your pictures are great and with some tweaking, they'll be even better.

Glad to hear you got out of the house for a while. Play some more with the new toy and share with us, okay?

Beth said...

awesome shots. such great subjects as well. so pretty. i don't know how you would pick a favorite. they are all so different. i love stores that will go the length to make you happy & want to come back & shop again in the future. they are few & far between. what a true blessing. (:

Tombstone Livestock said...

Great photos, congratulations on new camera. That's funny about him reading your blog.

Janet said...

I love reading your blog. Missed a week- and am So Sorry Thelma is gone. She had a beautiful independent spirit, and was so lucky she had you to love her. Your photos are wonderful- I can see the souls of your sweet critters shining through. Thank you for brightening my days.

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Your photos are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about Louise passing. A reader e-mailed me.(should have read on down) I know from experience about losing animal friends around the farm. I get so attached to them.


Anonymous said...

I understand your feelings about driving in downtown Indy, me too but I will do it. I am really surprised at the service you recieved and the credit card company too.

Christine said...

I totally understood you had missed the other post, Pam. Don't worry about it. :)

va_grown said...

Great pictures you're turning out! I can't wait to get a new camera, but we can't afford it and I've determined to use our current model to the max before I can validly say we "need" a new one and I can upgrade.

How wonderful that they worked with you like that and are fans of your blog too! Awesome! Hooray for local businesses!

Andrea said...

You go, girl; you have a wonderful eye for composition!

In defense of the point-and-shoot, I will say that I always keep one on my belt; I can put it up when I need both hands to work, and it's light enough to take a snapshot with one hand while I'm holding stuff with the other.