Monday, November 19, 2007

The War of the Whistle

The General's first plan of attack consisted of this.

(blink, blink) Go ahead, I laughed too.

When that didn't flush out the bad guy, he sent in some bigger guns. It ain't pretty, but it has stopped the gushing winds coming in under the door, thus keeping our toes warmer. Still whistling though.

So The General, following his trusty advisor's strategic plan, developed this major line of defense. Fancy new Plexiglas inserts for the screen doors. The theory being that it would deflect some of the gale force winds out here on the prairie. They work surprisingly well. But of course there's still some air getting in around the outer edges of the screen doors. So he's starting to win the battles, but not time to call home the troops yet.

The Plexiglas, in combination with the aid of the highly skilled canine unit, did however provide him with the necessary intelligence to pinpoint the location of the bad guy. Right there it is. That nice trim detail that holds the 100 year old wavy glass in the door.

By all rights, it needs to be carefully removed and re glazed. But it's going to drop 30 degrees today. So until spring, we have no choice but to keep it captured in the Frost King's tomb.

And if THAT doesn't win the war...



Renee said...

You guys crack me up! Stay warm.

Sandy said...

Loved the canine unit! Happy Thanksgiving!

LRC said...

Please let me know if the tape over the keyhole actually works............if it's brand name, that could probably bring a contract and some moolah!

MessyJessy said...

Earplugs work remarkably well for blocking out sounds (i.e., the husband snoring, the dog licking, the old house creaking...).

I enjoy the blog; its nice to see other folks who love older homes! :)