Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cookin' with Gas

After the service technician finished his inspection and returned from his truck, estimate in hand, his first question was "How much do you love your oven?"

Sears will be delivering a brand spankin' new one on Sunday. I debated over the 5 burner model but decided I really didn't need it, I don't even like to cook with 4.

Fa La Freekin' La


Renee said...

I hate to make you look on the bright side, but some very good friends of mine are spending the holidays in a rental house while they wait for their home to be rebuilt from an appliance fire. Glad they caught the stove in time.

LRC said...

And this is why our house is all electric.

Rechelle said...

Fa La Freakin' La! ha ha ha