Saturday, December 8, 2007

Holiday Hubub

Busy getting ready for the holidays. The in-laws are coming to visit in about a week. Trying to get everything done before they get here. Planning to get the house clean. Planning meals. Planning what to take to one Christmas party. Planning what to wear to another. Planning what else to buy. Planning what else to wrap. At what point are we all going to wake up and realize all this crap is a lot of work and give it up?

Denise Austin is trying to kill me. Well, that's not right. Her workouts are trying to kill me. Previously unknown parts of my body are now throbbing in pain. If you don't see a blog post from me it's because I can no longer lift my arms. Or I've tangled myself up with curling ribbon under the tree. Either way, sending chocolate might be a good idea. Just make sure it's dark chocolate and only two ounces, as that's all that's on my approved list. (insert rolling eyes here)


Jen said...

OH, I agree! I'm even boycotting out company christmas party this year. It's just too much. I mean honestly, go buy something new to wear every year because it's such a dressy affair, have to outfit the hubby, usually end up eating something that I'm allergic to, being miserable, watching my co-workers drink themselves into a stupor. I just want to yell, grow up!! So since my block of the month group is that same night, that's where I'm opting to go; with real people who are stessed about the holidays too who can come to this and just kick back and enjoy.

Denise Austin...You can turn her off you know. =)

Renee said...

If anyone sends the wrong kind of chocolate, you can forward it to me. ;-)

Old House Gazette said...

My wife is very picky about chocolate. Apparently the choccy in England is made with more milk and less cocoa. Therefore, the only choccy that will satisfy her is Cadbury's. Not US Cadbury's, which is made by Hershey - she assures me that Hershey's makes the worst chocolate on the planet - but real UK Cadbury's.

I've ordered chocolate for her from England before.... normal-sized candy bars, after cost and shipping, are about $4.00 each.

Oh how I wish it were only "dark chocolate, 2 ounces" that she craved. lol

Sandy said...

I agree whole heartedly about the company Christmas party thing. Never did like to watch people drink themselves into total stupidity! Don't let the holidays drive you crazy. It is a time for family and friends and things don't have to be perfect.

Dark chocolate.... yummmmm!!!