Friday, December 21, 2007

While the Gettin's Good

We have a former plumber visiting. Like all smart old home owners, we jumped all over that and put him to work immediately. A new faucet in the downstairs bath. Repairing the shower faucet in the upstairs bath. New drain lines for the AC in the basement. Installed drainage rock around the sump pump. Drained and removed the old water heater from the basement. And he even helped install a really big, really heavy mirror above the upstairs vanity.

We also have a quilter visiting. Like any smart quilter, I jumped all over that with a whirlwind quilt shop hop and lunch at the Olive Garden. We enjoyed ourselves so much we're going back out again today armed with coupons. And we may need to go again next week. You know, to use the rest of the coupons.

Ya gotta get while the gettin's good!


Jen said...

That's fantastic!!! And you can even bake him a cake!

Renee said...

Awesome - Do you have any puppy trainers visiting?