Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let There Be Cake - part two

(Or perhaps it should be titled, You Know You Live in BFE When...)

So all I needed was to get the range converted to LP and hook it up. Seems simple enough, eh? Of course appliance retailers don't provide this service. It seems not just any Joe Blow or handyman can do this conversion. Seems that it is supposed to be someone "certified" according to the installation instructions. Cause it's so highly complicated and all. The retailers don't want to have to pay their delivery people enough to be "certified". Nor do they want the liability issue. You know, in case the darn thing blows up.

So I called around, and around, and around and no one was willing and able to do this. Not a single soul. They all told me that my LP provider would have to be the one to provide such service.

(here is where the creepy background music starts)

So thinking the end of all this mess was near, I gladly called my locally owned and operated L.P. Gas company. A lovely lady answered, we'll call her Mildred. I explained my situation and asked if I could schedule an appointment to get my range hooked up. Mildred responded, "Oh, I don't know, we don't make appointments."

Um, OK, so how do I do this?

"We can take your number and add you to the list. We try to do what we can for people, but we've got people who've been waiting a long time. Our guy only works in the mornings, he's the Minister at blah, blah Church. I'm not sure when he'd ever get around to it."

Um, OK, any clue at all how long it might take? I have guests coming the first of the week.

"Oh, he couldn't do it by then, we've got lots of people who've been waiting a long time. We'd like more notice than that."

Um, but the old range just stopped working so I had to replace it. I hadn't planned this in advance.

"Well, like I said we've got lots and lots of people...blah, blah. I don't think it would be before 3 or 4 weeks. We like to have more notice..."

(blink, blink) WHAT?? Three or four WEEKS?

"Yeah, we've got lots of people..., we try to do what we can.. I can take your name and number. Then when he can get around to it, he'll call you. Of course you'd need to have the new range ready."

I was so stunned I just gave her my name and number and hung up the phone.

(to be continued...)


Jen said...

Oh my god!!! This whole thing just sounds like a nightmare. Where's the guy from King of the Hill when you need him?? Doesn't he sell and service propane. Giggle.

Old House Gazette said...

Wow. That's pretty bad. My local LP place usually comes out the same day; the next day at the latest. Even though I live in town and have natural gas for the furnace, our stove (1940s Robert Shaw) moved to this house from the old farm in Belle Union. It's LP.

The conversion really isn't that difficult.... you have to replace the orifices on all of the burners. The main issue is that LP is heavier than air and NG is lighter than air. Ergo, the conversion compensates for LP "falling" where NG would rise. However, as you mentioned, most places require that someone certified do the conversion. Are there any other LP providers in your area? Greencastle has 2, that I know of. In a rural area such as yours, there should be at least 2, if not more.

I'd complain to HH Gregg too, for selling you a stove that needs converted and not warning you that it can be difficult to get done.

LRC said...

ELECTRIC already:)

Renee said...

Sweety - I know your house has a history, but if you bought an LP conversion kit with the stove and/or could get one, my uncertified Dh would be willing to give it a shot. He is pretty good at this stuff.