Sunday, April 27, 2008

Built To Last

It was about this point he realized building a flat shed-style roof would have been much, much easier.

What do you do when you run out of rungs on the ladder and you're not a professional roofer? Build a makeshift scaffold. The ladders below are strapped to the rafters then a 2x4 and an old ladder found in the barn are wedged across the top. At that point the fearless teenager could perch himself handing over the shingles the wife schlepped up the ladders. Of course by the time we worked all the kinks out of the assembly line the roof was finished. We decided we'll all be keeping our day jobs.

So the roof, complete with ridge vent was finished for somewhere around $40, the cost of the ridge vent. The tar paper was here in the barn and the 40 year warranty shingles were leftovers from my parents house. We're pretty sure we're the only ones around with better shingles on their chicken coop than their house. Nothing but the best for our girls. Thanks Mom!


Renee said...

And you got the rest painted! You all make me nervouse with the laddery thing though.

Robbyn said...

That is one great coop!

I really enjoy your blog and hope you don't mind that I included it on my site's most recent blogroll :)

Sandy said...

Looks good!