Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seven, I say Seven Chickens

Who doesn't love Foghorn Leghorn?

We have seven chickens hatched. Unfortunately none of the White Crested Black Polish (wild hairdo) looking ones have hatched. Not completely giving up hope, 'cause stranger things have happened, but I have a feeling our flock will be a party of seven.

We are pretty sure we have three girls, three boys and one to-be-determined. Not every breed allows you to opportunity to figure it out at this age. With Barred Rocks though you can see a difference in their coloring. The other one is a mixed breed which means we can't tell.

Girl Chicken

Boy Chicken

So we'll wait another day or so on the ten eggs that are left and try to keep from falling head over heals in love with these little boogers. Because you know, two of the roosters may have to find another home when they grow up. Or we could just order ten more girls. ;-)


Sandy said...

How cute! I think it's too late... you are already smitten!

Renee said...

You lucky Clucker! I hope you get a few more.