Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hardworking House Guest

My sister-in-law may never come to visit again. She certainly picked the wrong weekend for a leisurely visit to the farm. We had the floor joists assembled before she even woke up Saturday morning.

Then she helped me haul almost every two by four and piece of plywood to the build site. When we weren't hauling building materials we were fetching tools or refreshments. Even during our down time she and I cleaned up the yard. We made dozens of trips to the burn pile. By the end of the day we had two complete walls, a third almost finished and a spruced up landscape.

We were out bright and early again this morning. Moving a bit more slowly I hate to admit. Our desk jobs certainly don't condition us for these weekend warrior events. Unlike the coop's future residents we are not spring chickens. But even at a slower pace we managed to pump out two more walls and all the roof trusses. And I'll have you know thanks to all that weight lifting I've been doing lately I was able to heave those trusses around like a professional go-fur. Hu-rah. Of course it will be interesting to see if I can even get out of bed tomorrow.


Renee said...

Looking good! Spring chicken - HAH!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow! It's almost done! Good job.

Sandy said...

Looks great! Been there and done that! Went to WV one year with hubby and we helped his brother build (from scratch) a taxidermy shop! Took us two weeks but we got it finished right down to the woodburning stove! Sure couldn't do that now! I've gotten soft in my old age. LOL