Monday, April 21, 2008

Eyesore No More

No? How about less abandoned looking then? Lipstick on a pig?


It started out as a training exercise in the subtleties of paint application. The kid lasted about half way through before claiming to need a break. Cramp in his hand. I repeatedly tried to explain it's less work if you really load up the brush with paint, but he just pushed harder. It's no wonder he needed a break. He did enough work to have painted the whole thing himself.

We've decided this little barn isn't worth it's weight in salt so a $10 gallon of paint is just a bandaid until we find time to deal with it. It does look better from a distance. Way, way back.


Sandy said...

I love that--- lipstick on a pig. What a hoot! I think that little barn looks good from here!

Jennifer said...

Agree.. it looks good from the pic! Much better.