Thursday, May 15, 2008

BEYOND Furious

Dear Moron,

I heard your car door last night. Unfortunately, I didn't realize you were leaving us a surprise package. So your package spent the night on the porch. It wasn't until my dogs found it this morning that I even knew it was there.

It's now terrified to leave the porch. Afraid it will either be hit by a car or attacked by dogs that actually do live here. The fact that it's terrified doesn't make it seem very friendly. Not a bonus if you were hoping we would keep it.

I can only assume since it has a severe eye infection you want me to take it to see a vet. You must not have been able to afford it given that it looks like you could barely manage to buy dog food. I doubt you bothered to have it neutered or make sure it's shots were up to date, either. So my dogs, kid and myself are shut up inside our house now, afraid of your surprise package. Again not a bonus.

It was awful nice of you to chose a Thursday to drop it off, knowing that animal control is closed until noon. You must have been thinking that would give us a chance to bond with your lab/basset hound mix. Just because you had the romantic notion that a big old farmhouse would be a wonderful place for your dog to live out it's days does not mean the people who live there want your dog. Most folks out here would shoot first and ask questions later. It's our right to protect our family, pets and livestock.

How did you sleep last night after you dumped him off? Did you feel better thinking those nice people will take care of him? Did you bother worrying that he might get hit by a car? Or are you so cold and cruel that you just didn't give a damn?


Jenni said...

Awww. So very sad... he looks like a sweet pup.

That is exactly how we got our dog Puppy only he was much smaller. We lived on a dirt road. We had a cocker spaniel and a border collie at the time and really did not nead another dog. However no one else did either. So we kept him. He turned out to be the best dog ever. So thankful to have a family and a much better dog than the the dogs that we actually bought.

I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. Heartbreaking.

Molly said...

I grew up on a farm and have witnessed the "dumping" of several cats and dogs. I cannot put into words the anger it gave me as a kid to see thin, sickly and usually abused animals get dropped off like garbage. And why do they think people who live in rural areas will take care of their neglected pets?

I will say that one of the dogs that was dropped off at our farm turned out to be the friendliest dog we ever had.

Jen said...

AWWWWWWWW. Well, if he ends up healthy, are you going to keep him? He might jsut be really scared. Man, his eyes are heartbreaking. =(

Sandy said...

Poor thing. Idiot person who dropped him off. I wonder how they would feel if their family did that to them. You're sick, we don't want to feed you anymore, here you go... try your luck here in a strange place. So very, very sad.

Renee said...

Sadly, those cruel people were right. He is better off with you than them. Even if he doesn't stay there. Is he at the shelter now?

Jayne said...

Poor doggie. Stupid people.

Anonymous said...

you know better than anyone mom that this happends all the time. poor fella, hope he finds a good home.