Monday, May 19, 2008

Meanwhile, Back in the Hen House

We've been busy trying to finish things up and move the delinquents in. I've been painting trim and fence posts, the engineer finished the walls and hung the sliding door that separates the two spaces. It was a leftover from a remodeling project at our last house.

Lance Armstrong, er I mean my brother, stopped by Saturday. After gallivanting around the countryside on his bike we made him help move the cabinets into the storage side. We always make him move something when he stops by. It's a family tradition. Anyway, these will be great for storing feed, egg cartons, garden tools, etc. I had the guys leave the upper cabinets resting on the bottoms so I could store bales of bedding on top. Turned out to be the perfect size.

This is the third use for these old cabinets. They were in the kitchen here at one time, then moved to the workshop for many years. We can't get rid of them. How would I ever know what to use to make my own household cleaners? Did you know you could use ketchup to clean brass? I had no idea. My brass has been sitting around unpolished all these years. Hee, hee, ho, ho, ha, ha. Okay, I confess, I got rid of anything that needed polishing years ago.

There are as many ways to make a chicken door as there are chickens. We're still not sure what we're doing, but we got started on it anyway. The problem is racoons. Those darn thumbs of theirs make them extreamly efficient burglars. They can break, enter, have a snack and be gone before you ever knew they were there. Just watch, we'll end up with eighteen different locks on that wee little chicken door by the end of the summer.

Now that this project is starting to look like it may actually end soon, naturally I feel the need to look for another one. This looks like the makings of a turkey pen doesn't it?

I had friends who used to name their 4-H cows Hamburger and Steak every year. I'd name my turkeys Pilgrim and Mistletoe. Assuming I could talk Mr. Grumpy Gills into letting me have some.


Renee said...

I knew people that named their pet pig Porkchop.

Cheryl said...

A friend in college had a pet rabbit named Stewart and called him Stew for short (obviously).

Tipper said...

How exciting! I wish I had a place for chickens.