Monday, May 12, 2008

Inside the Hen Hilton...

there will be two separate suites. One 10'x 10' area for the more robust clientele and a smaller 6'x10' maids closet that can double as temporary housing for young, unruly adolescent party types.

The architect and construction manager have considered all the necessary safety precautions. Given that the guests are about as smart as Paris herself, the insulation needs to be covered so they won't peck at it, eat it and die. Industry experts report that the guests won't be able to scale the ceiling so that portion of the suite can remain exposed to give it a bit of the industrial loft look that's so chic right now. The interior designer has a sliding flat-panel door planned to separate the two spaces. The large vent openings in the ceiling will get edgy, heavy-duty wire covers fashioned for them in addition to screens for the windows.

We anticipate construction to be complete and ready for guests by the end of the month. Rumor has it there will be a new group of young, adolescent party girls arriving at the estate on the 30th.


Robbyn said...

It's beautiful!

Sandy said...

Wow! What a swanky coop!