Friday, May 16, 2008

No Happily Ever After

After deciding the pooch on my porch was merely scared by my dogs and so was trying to be as mean as he could be to get rid of them, I filled a water bowl and carefully placed it on the end of the porch. I didn't get too close in case he really was Cujo. He stayed on the mat, but I could see a slight wagging of his tale. I think his infected eye made him seem scarier than he really was. So I headed back inside to watch him from the window. He cautiously wandered over to the bowl and had almost reached it when a large truck came barreling down the road sending the pooch back to the mat where he stayed.

I could tell by his size he needed a meal. By this point my overwhelming anger for his moronic previous owners was starting to wain and I was starting to feel more and more sorry for him. So I did exactly what you're not supposed to do if you don't want to keep a stray. I took him a bowl of food. This time I placed it a little closer to him. A bigger wag of the tail followed. I moved the water a little closer. He was still staying on the mat. Why wouldn't he? The last human he had come in contact with threw him out of a car. But that tail wagged a little more.

Dumb dog had me at that point. Now I really felt bad for him. So I backed away, went inside and watched from the window. He devoured the food, and then lied down on the mat to rest. He looked exhausted. So I left him alone and he stayed there for a few hours. Finally, I decided I needed to figure out a way to try to befriend this animal. If I couldn't befriend him, I'd have to call animal control at noon. My dogs were getting tired of being cooped up on the back porch.

Heading back out with a pocket full of treats, I was able to get much closer this time. He almost came close enough to take it from my hand. He really needed some medical attention for that eye. Poor thing. I decided then to head back inside and start getting things ready to go to town. I'd need more treats to lure him into the vehicle for sure. But when I went back outside, he was gone.

We searched and searched, but he had just disappeared. I kept watching out the windows all day, hoping he would return. I even left the water bowl out there. I felt sure the dogs barking probably just spooked him and he'd be back when he got hungry again. But there's been no sign of him. He's gone. I hope for his sake he finds someone else who will fall for him as quickly as I did.

Good luck little fella.


Renee said...

oh - I'm glad he at least got a meal and now his most reecent contact with humans has been good. I hope he found a home.

LRC said...

Oh cheese and rice. It's like Mattie Lou all over gain............poor pupper.....

Sandy said...

I am hoping he found someone to love him... hope he isn't on his way back to the idiot that dropped him off.

Jayne said...

Poor little doggie. Hope he'll be okay. I found a little black cat in my alley the other day who looked like she'd been hit by a car. I went in the house to call my son for help and when I came back she was gone. No idea what happened to her.