Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Poultry Palace Express

These guys are growing faster than the weeds in my garden. And let me tell ya, those weeds are out of control. If they keep this up they'll outgrow their brooder by the end of this week.

So we've had to put the work on the poultry palace in overdrive. This week the exterior received another coat of paint and the engineer finished building the window frames. Saturday, during a wind storm, we installed the doors and windows. Have you ever installed a door during a windstorm? No? Well then you have not lived.

I installed the stick on tiles today. Grandma wouldn't have had them in her hen house, but we've learned a lot about sanitation since Grandma's day. I want to be able to scrub that floor every once in a while so we bought the cheapest tiles we could get. I also started installing the insulation. Grandma wouldn't have had that either, but I'm lazier than Grandma and I don't want to spend all winter thawing out the chicken's water founts. This amount of insulation should do the trick on all but the coldest of days here.

While I was busy with the interior, the engineer was working on adjusting the doors and making and installing the exterior trim. Throw in a trip to Lowes and of course then there was the yard that constantly needs mowing. The goats and sheep are seeming more and more like a good idea considering it now requires liquid gold to power the mower.

By the end of the weekend we were exhausted but a few steps closer to moving these chickens from our humble home to their mini-mansion. The pending eggs had better taste real good.


Jen said...

That's the prettiest coup I've ever seen!

It looks like it could almost be a quilting studio...hmmm a chance to re-consider??

Bill said...

Mighty fancy! All it needs now is a silhouette of a chicken up in the gable above the door.

Jennifer said...

What a cute little coop!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Wow those chickens are going to really live in style. OK I don't know much about how a chicken lives so do they just walk around in there or do they have little nests to sit on?

Sandy said...

I agree with Jen... prettiest chicken coop I've ever seen!

Renee said...

It's fabulous - I've lived in worse. And would have loved to have had some eggs when I did.