Friday, August 8, 2008

The Freshman

Can you believe it's almost time for school again? Didn't we just finish up last week? Surely it was last week? No?

I'm officially in beginning-of-the-school-year panic mode. Especially considering we're *gulp* starting high school. Funny how when you homeschool it's the parents that get the jitters instead of the kids. I think I have all my bases covered. Curriculum is all here and ready to go except some literature I decided to throw in at the last minute. It's on it's way.

Here's the schedule:

Speaking & Writing Skills
Pre Algebra/Pre Geometry
World History
Spanish I
Essentials of Communications

We sat down last night and determined the field trips we'll be taking with a local homeschool group. We will be:

Rock climbing
Laser tagging
A war reenactment of the War of 1812
A weekly art class
A weekly gym class
A Bonfire
A Corn Maze
& a few movie nights

all on top of our weekly group meeting every Wednesday and other events that pop up along the way.

And that's just the first semester.

Suddenly, I want to crawl in a hole with Bob.

I think I'd better go breathe into a paper bag.


Milah said...

I wish I had the confidence to home school when my kids were young. Especially during the middle school years!
Good Luck though you probably don't need it.

Renee said...

You found a weekly art class? Where??? I want to put S in it.

LRC said...

Are WE doing all those field trips? Who is planning them?????