Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend in Review

Skippy went to his new home. His new name will be Cornelius. Did you know that's what the Corn Flakes rooster's name was?

And you know what? I was able to convince the nice people to take Lazarus/Liza/Tootsie as well. They were planning to see if maybe their daughter would want him. But they reported back to me that by the time she got to their house to see him they had decided they couldn't part with him. They'll be keeping them both. And his new name will be Sebastian. I would imagine when they got home it was a lot like a scene from one of those teen movies. You know, when the boys are walking along and discover a beach full of bikini-clad girls. Yep, sounds like they'll be quite happy in their new home.

In other barnyard news, Dorothy seems to have realized that sulking was getting her nowhere. She still doesn't want me touching her much. Just a scratch under the chin occasionally. There also seems to be a bit of pecking order business going on between her and Sophia. Sophia is definitely winning. Dorothy isn't happy about it. But all in all I think she's coming around.

Inside the coop, we had to do the baby shuffle. Pearl broke out of her prison cell and tried kidnapping them again. We solved that problem by switching everyone around and putting Minnie and the babies in the cage. If Pearl manages to break in there I'll have no choice but to send her to the big house.

I get to mark something off my to do list. I finally got around to making my black raspberry jam. Mmm, mmm, good.

and the secret mission project is rolling along nicely. But if I show it you'd have to eat your computer monitor.


Milah said...

I think Dorothy might be a drama queen....I'd keep my eye on her.

Your jam looks black raspberries are still in the freezer.

Karen Anne said...

Can Pearl have one baby to take care of? She'd still be close to Minnie, right?

Marilyn R said...

Thanks for not making me eat my monitor! *s* I will look forward to seeing it someday!

Christine said...

Karen Anne,

She had babies earlier this spring. Frankly, after the first week she pretty much ignored them. I'd rather let Minnie give it a try. Although I applaud Pearl for her eagerness.