Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stocking the Larder - Again

I bought this winter’s supply of hay back in July. Before the drought. Before I knew I was going to have to start feeding it three whole months earlier than I expected. It was starting to look like it would be famine around here come February. I was nervous. Very nervous.


I had another 100 bales of hay dropped off yesterday afternoon. My mind is feeling better. Can’t say as much for my lower back. The kid wasn’t here to help this time.

I’m not complaining though. I’m glad to have it. It’s getting scarce and very expensive. The auction prices are enough to make your eyes bulge. People are already talking about having it trucked in from other states.  Having it stacked in the center isle isn’t ideal, but nobody will go hungry and that’s all that matters.

Let the Thanksgiving feast begin!


Karen Anne said...

I read that they're having terrible trouble in Texas getting hay because of the drought, and it is being trucked in there.

Historical Ken said...

Midwestern living - I love it!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours (including your animals!).

Milah said...

Ah....you've got an all-you-can-eat-hay-buffet!

Jennifer said...

You are so right, Karen... hay here in Texas is ridiculous and SOOOOOOOOOO hard to find. We always go to this guy named Valero who has tons and tons of hay for sale for good prices... he is completely OUT. CRAZY!!!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Price of hay in California is outrageous right now, just had a semi truck and trailer load brought in last week, splitting with a couple of neighbors.

Did you stack that all by yourself?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

thecrazysheeplady said...

We're okay down here I think, so if you end up needing hay, let me know. I bought extra thinking we were going to be affected by drought too and it ended up raining so much all fall, the grass is still good. I threw one bale to the sheep this morning just because it was raining so hard they didn't want to go out and eat.

Danni said...

Phew! That's one of my most favorite feelings in the world: knowing I've got a barn full of hay. I'm so glad you're re-stocked now!

Christine said...

Oh heck no! I only heaved the bales off the wagon, two guys stacked the hay.

Sandra Henderson said...

Glad you "made hay while the sun was shinning!"
You are my kind of gal!

I get 25 to 100 lb of pecans every year. This year, not many and china bought all the big orchards in ga. S price way up. I have my source of cracked n blown at 4.00/lb, but could only get 50 lb. 10.00/l in store and not fresh.

I love being smart and thinking ahead in life, then seeing the fruits of my labor.

God is so good and helps those who help themselves.

Karen Anne said...

Holy cow, Sandra, I read that China is buying immense amounts of land in Africa and South America as well.

Angela said...

Glad you were able to get it! It will only get costlier as winter goes on for certain.