Thursday, October 4, 2007

Building a Sewing Table - Part I

You have to love a man who can turn a chicken scratched drawing of something into reality. I had found a picture of a sewing table in Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space that was close but not exactly what I was wanting for my sewing room. So between the photo and my chicken scratches M has been able to start piecing together a workable piece of furniture.

The first step was to build the cabinet frames. Working with the tongue and groove beadboard has proved to be a little tricky, it tends to want to warp. A more climate controlled building environment would help, but the dream workshop is, well, still a dream. And considering I'm planning to distress the heck out of this anyway, it really doesn't matter. It just adds to the character.

Left side base cabinet:
The next step was to add the casters, the breadboard style pull out shelves and build the drawers.

Right side base cabinet:
Once all the drawers are finished it will be time to sand and distress them. Then I can start the finishing process while he continues to work on the top. Since it's going to be so large we'll have to finish and assemble it in place. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to fit it up our narrow stairs. I'm sooo glad we thought of that at this point!

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

How far are you know on the sewing desk. I have the same book and really like the custom sewing table. What are you changing?