Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gawd, I Love It Here!

I have friends who live in the 'burbs that think we're insane for living all the way out here. But what they just don't get is that, in fact, we're truly blessed. Sure it takes a while to get to town but the drive to and from, especially this time of year, is drop dead gorgeous. So even on a dreary, overcast day like today when you're just out running errands you can't help but bask in Mother Nature's beauty.

So as soon as I got the groceries put away I couldn't resist a walk about the yard.

If you look closely at the above photo (you can click it to enlarge) you'll see the entrance to a small wandering path that follows the ravine around the back of our property. It's a little slice of heaven back there. If I could make this shot scratch-n-sniff I would. The sweet smell in the air here is intoxicating and you really need to experience it to appreciate it.

And even as I sit here at my desk typing this, I have 270 degree views like this...

yep, the drive is worth it.


Renee said...

Did you get a load of that sunset tonight? Awesome.

I will be glad to experience your property anytime you want! ;-)

Jen said...

Gosh, those are beautiful pictures!

LRC said...

I am SO jealous!

JeanneLee said...

LOOKS like a gorgeous place and if I am ever in yourt direction I will definitely give you a holler!!