Sunday, October 14, 2007

Decisions and Confessions

Decisions have been made. Mistakes have been admitted. The wall stays but the ceiling paint has to go.

It's taken me over six months to finally admit my mistake. The color I chose for the kitchen ceiling is wrong. Really, really wrong. For some reason I thought an off white would be nice and not so glaring as white. And it probably would have been, but what I ended up with is definitely more beige than off white. And now that I've been admiring the new location of the fridge, I can't deny that white would look much, much better. Not to mention reflect more light. Normally a mistake like this wouldn't be a big deal. I'd just go buy the paint and fix it myself. Unfortunately, I can't reach the darn ceiling. You're thinking to yourself "Duh, girl, get a ladder." Well, I tried that. And no, I still can't reach it. I'm a dwarf okay, gimme a break. So I have no choice but to bat my eyes like a frog in a hail storm and beg my wonderful husband to do it for me. Again.

Also, while I was admiring the new fridge location and pondering the new upper cabinets, etc. it occurred to me that I could now have a bigger table in the room. And it just so happens I have such a table upstairs. But then that would leave me with no sewing room table. What to do? Shop Mom's basement! It just so happens she's been trying to pawn another table off on me for months. I could use it in my sewing room. (so I'll take the table Mom) I know he'll be more than thrilled to take the table apart, move it, and reassemble it AGAIN. He just loves to do that.

So after living with the new kitchen arrangement for a day, then testing entertaining in the dining room with M's sister and family, I've decided that the wall and the swinging door are going to stay. But I really think we need to add another window to the left of the other simply to add more light to the room. Since it's in the center of the house it's pretty dark, especially with the swinging door closed. Fortunately we have some extra trim laying around and so should be able to make it look like it's always been there. And wouldn't that drop leaf table in the kitchen look good under those windows with an extra dining chair on either side?

I may to have to put my eyelids on a workout routine to manage all this begging. And maybe bake another cake.


LRC said...

I am thinking he is going to be begging you to smoke already;)

Renee said...

LOL - I would cut my legs off at the knees to avoid painting a ceiling. Eyelash batting seems way easier and less painful.