Saturday, October 13, 2007

Operation Elephant Relocation

First thing, wait until the wife has finished cleaning and mopping the entire house, before undertaking the operation. You might safely distract her with her own furniture finishing project or something like that. Once you are satisfied she's safely out of screaming distance, start ripping a hole in the wall.

Don't worry about the mess, she'll be so happy to get the elephant out of the middle of the room, she won't care. But don't forget to lock the dogs outside so they won't go skipping through the house. That she might not be so happy about.

Then, reinstall the door you removed from the other wall. Once properly adjusted, it should be safe to let the poor dogs back in.

Next, crawl around in the spiderweb infested crawlspace and install the new water line for the ice maker. Then just slide the elephant in place. Hook up the water line and test it. Run back and forth to the crawlspace, where the shutoff valve is, at least 3 or 4 times during the process.

(And for all of you naysayers out there who stopped by and said there was no way the fridge was going to fit in that hole, please note all that daylight shining through the top. Room to spare even!)

Nice and flush with the cabinets too.

No more elephant sticking out in the middle of the room.

Good grief, look there, it's a path to the door!

Then smile sheepishly as she hands you the broom.


LRC said...

The elephant is now very well hidden. Great job!

Renee, I am not taking the cat either;)

I think the 16 hours of sleep I got yesterday helped. Felt pretty good this morning. Not quite time to quit, but I can feel the pull, and I have cut down. Beer tasting funky too. Need marg makings!

Renee said...

I sooooo hate my kids' cats. PLEASE!!!!

The kitchen is looking great. When are we partying there?

And tell your Nordic boy that I am pleased to see he supports the correct NFL team.