Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reporting Live From the Rain Forest


This isn't the rain forest?

Are you sure? It certainly looks like the rain forest. There are all sorts of weird looking fungi. Some that look like little drink umbrellas. There are plants the size of small residential homes. Earthworms the size of snakes. And the bugs, oh the bugs!

No rain forest in the Midwest, huh?

Indianapolis is reporting that during a normal year they receive 22 inches of rain. They've already surpassed 35 inches of rain so far this year. We've had WAY more rain than Indianapolis. The ground is so wet I can't put clothes on the clothesline or else the posts start pulling inward and the weight of the clothes will bring the whole thing down.

No rain forest? Well then we must be in Seattle.


goatgirl said...

Seattle here.......Keep that rain to yourself:)

Renee said...

No kidding. I am so sick of mud and ugh and missing softball games and sitting in rain ponchos for the games we don't miss. And the freaking BUGS!!!!

And this is why I use a dryer (non-solar) for laundry.

Gina said...

You should try it over here in the UK.
We had a month's rain in a night last week and it's still raining. Hubby has started building an Ark.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

I hope you know how proud your Dad is of you.
Love Ya