Sunday, July 13, 2008

You Don't Know Jack...

So I'll tell you about him. He's a wayward sort. The poor bugger. He spends half his day turning around. So he can see. Because he's only got one eye. Hence the name, One-eyed Calico Jack.

The other half of his day he lays in wait. Waiting for Blackbeard to allow him to eat. Or drink. And old Jack's always waiting for a chance to cavort with the wenches if ya know what I mean. But Blackbeard doesn't allow this. They're definitely Blackbeard's girls. Jack can only watch them wistfully, from a distance.

If Blackbeard is looking, Jack suddenly appears to be the casual observer minding his own business. Here he's inspecting the coop for structural integrity. With is bad eye no doubt.

It's a tough life Jack lives, with all the spinning around and waiting. But before we all go feeling too terribly sorry for him we should consider this...

notice any family resemblance in this Scallywag?

Blackbeard has to go to sleep sooner or later.


Amelia said...

Your post just gave me a good and your chickens!

Have fun this week - but stay out of trouble.


Jayne said...

Hilarious!! You and your chicken adventures always crack me up!

goatgirl said...

Blackbeard must be the one responsible for the lack of an eye in Jack. Very funny post.