Monday, July 21, 2008

So The Sky Really IS Falling

Five whole days without a complete deluge spurred us into action. We started construction on the East Wing of the "Holiday Inn for chickens" as my Aunt described it. The engineer quickly dug the holes for the posts and while the ground was still wet at least the holes didn't immediately fill with water. A significant improvement over last time.

That center section right in front of the south side of the coop below will be fenced as well. That's the isolation unit. Rooster Bob's already taken up residence there 'cause he has poor social skills. More on that later. But this gives you an idea what the "chicken compound" will look like. The original idea was to have chickens on one side, garden on the other and then rotate each season. It's starting to look like we may have chickens on both sides if they don't start getting along a little better.

I started priming the posts until it got too hot and the bugs started eating me alive. I made sure the birds had plenty of nice cool water and then proceeded to sit on my bum inside the nice air conditioned house. A pop up thunderstorm came rolling in so fast I didn't have time to chase all the chickens inside the coop, but figured they were surely smart enough to get out of the rain.

Evidently chickens are not smart enough to get out of the rain. So when the quarter size hail started coming down and I was watching the little idiots just stand there, I was just a little excited. Not enough to go running out there mind you, but enough to pace back and forth fraught with worry. Dumb birds! Why would they just stand out there?

Luckily for us the netting we installed on on top of the run to keep them in and predators out also prevented the hail from falling on them. It just bounced right off. It probably saved their lives. So we just ended up with soggy birds who seemed oblivious to their near death experience and a chicken momma who may have to take up drinking.

"What's your problem, Lady?"


Milah said...

I envy you! That is an awesome looking hen house. I've been wanting chickens for years but my husband doesn't think we need them. He's probably right but i still want them.
That's some big hail. We missed that storm here, but we got nailed last night with wind, rain and lightening. Lost a big tree out by the barn from wind. I'm surprised we didn't loose more.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could adopt me in a few years?
With all the amenities for chickens I can't imagine how good it would be for other 2 legged animals. During the next hail storm I can see a retractable awning over the garden. So get ready Mike!!!!!!!!!

Love Ya
Just Me

Momofthesouth said...

I just want to say WOW! I think this is an amazing coop/garden! I am not there yet where I can have chickens...very VERY soon, I hope! But I found your page on Backyard and I HAD to go looking for more info about the progress and I found my way here to your blog! I think this is awesome and will most likely want to do this exact idea or something similar at the least. So I take it you haven't had a chance to try the garden area out yet? If you do, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear more. So please DON'T stop posting about your amazing Chicken COOP!! :)