Monday, August 3, 2009

The Airing of the Quilts

I've been locked away in Sheville working on my secret mission project. It's now time to start the quilting. I'm at a loss. So this morning I pulled a few of my antique quilts out for inspiration. They needed airing and refolding anyway. I thought while I had them out I would share them with you in a virtual quilt show. None are highly prized for their monetary value. They each have some flaws. But I love them all the same. The sentimental value is priceless.

The Two Color Quilts

I inherited the two color quilts via my Mother. I'm hoping she will e-mail me after seeing this and remind me which of my step-dad's family members made the following two-color quilts. I need to make labels for them.

The first is one of my favorites for it's simplicity. It was well loved and used but is in reasonable shape for it's age other than some unfortunate staining. It is hand pieced and is hand quilted with a very simple diagonal lines spaced half an inch apart.

The second one I love because the maker ran out of the blue fabric yet she persevered and made do with a similar one.

It is hand pieced and hand quilted with a simple double diagonal line in the center of the quilt and a beautiful fern leaf motif in the border.

The third is a gorgeous trip around the world summer quilt with prairie points.

It is hand quilted with diagonal lines, Dresden plates and a gorgeous scrolling leafy vine in the border.

The final one is a work in progress. It was never finished. My mother-in-law tacked a back and binding on it years ago to allow me to display it until I got around to truly finishing it. Now that I'm looking at it I think I need to move it up on my priority list.

Scrappy Quilts

This is my very favorite antique quilt simply for it's beauty. It is the only one that I've purchased. It has no sentimental value. I just fell in love with it. It's tied, not quilted. All hand pieced and even has a hand stitched closure on the edges instead of binding. I think it's gorgeous. 100% my favorite style.
This 30's beauty belonged to my maternal grandfather. We're not sure where he acquired it. It's exquisite in it's workmanship both the hand piecing and hand quilting.
The Crazy Quilts

The crazy quilts were made by my paternal grandmother. She was a practical farm wife and no doubt these were scraps from their clothing. The first one is made of wools and flannels. I think it was intended for a small boy as it has cute Scotty dogs on the binding and backing.

And then the girl version. This one doesn't have all the fancy stitching. Instead it's simply tied. I can remember this one being on my bed when I was a small child.
Wedding Quilts

Another quilt by my paternal grandmother. Made for my parents as a wedding gift. It appears she had it "sent out" to be quilted by machine in a pantograph pattern. My family has gotten it's money's worth out of this one. It spent years on my parents bed and I can remember many a picnic and Fourth of July celebrations on this quilt. Unfortunately it shows all the use.

This one I received as a wedding gift. Again this one has seen many uses. But it's now spending it's time being preserved for future generations. It will be handed down to my daughter.
Whole Cloth Quilt

I only wish I could capture the beauty of this one for you. It is a queen size whole cloth quilt. Just gorgeous! A friend gave this one to me as a thank you gift. Her mother hand quilted it.

I'll never in a million years deserve such a beautiful gift. I feel guilty every time I pull it out and look at it.

And there you have it. My quilts are aired, fluffed and refolded. But the only thing I accomplished on my secret mission project is avoiding starting it yet again. Maybe tomorrow...


Lori said...

Thanks you for showing us your wonderful quilts. I think my favorite is the blue and white that is really graphic. So much fun to see older quilts.

Moneik said...

What beautiful gifts to treasure. I love the antique quilts!

Diana said...

What a beautiful collection of quilts! You are lucky to have so many family quilts.

Kristy said...

Your collection is great and certainly something to cherish. As a quilter myself, I can tell you that trying to find time to quilt is extremely difficult.

Thanks for showing the great inspiration that you have all around you.

SharonK said...

I love your blog. I too have chickens which is what attracted me here in the first place, but I am also planning on starting my first quilt sometime soon. Your collection is amazing, absolutely beautiful and love those chooks of yours.

Milah said...

You have a nice collection. I'm glad you shared them with us. Maybe I'll do the same sometime. I love the stories that come with each quilt.
I had a quilt on my bed that looked like that first crazy quilt. It was made from wool scraps and boy was it heavy. Great to rug up in on a cold night.
I love how women were so pratical back then. My grandmothers would flip out today if they saw me buying fabric at a quilt shop!

Judy said...

Oh how lucky you are to own these treasures! I am quite jealous.
I have added your blog to my daily read. Thank you for sharing.

johnmayersquare said...

They are all beautiful...I especially LOVE the yellow one...thanks for sharing(and airing, ahahaha)!

Marilyn R said...

Thank you for the quilt show! I love antique quilts and you have many beauties in your collection!

Lori Skoog said...

A fabulous quilt show! Wow.

Rural Writer said...

Wow, those are positively gorgeous!You certainly have a lovely collection of quilts.

Sandra said...

I used your quilts for pattern id practice. Here are the Brackman pattern numbers and names.
1-#1262 pinwheel/mosaic #9 alter-nating w/#1201 peace & plenty (blocks are diagonal set-look at them sideways)
2-variation of #2291 magic square
(zigzag set trip around world var.)
3-#1013 double irish chain
4-#1601 nine patch with sash and smaller nine patch corner posts
5-#1195a hour glass, yankee puzzle
6-#3597 friendship circle
7 & 8 crazy patch
9-#2825 scrapbag or 2293 trip around world blocks
10-#1101 four patch
Thanks for sharing.
Sandra Starley
AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser

The Rabbit Factory said...

Just love your collection of quilts!