Monday, May 14, 2012

Celebrity Duck Rehab - Season Premier

Like a lot of other child stars, Mr. Duck missed out on crucial learning opportunities when he was a duckling. He was too busy working to enjoy many of the pleasures of ducklinghood. This may be part of what caused his recent behavioral issues, which spurred HR to write him up and send him to therapy.


For the first episode of Celebrity Duck Rehab, I decided we would teach Mr. Duck how to swim. Previous attempts in the big pond at Conner Prairie had failed so I decided this time to start small with a duck-size wading pool, otherwise known as a dog food bowl.


Seems Mr. Duck is more of a dip-your-toe-in kind of duck versus a diving-in-head-first guy. He eventually warmed up to it and, I think, even liked it. It wasn’t long before he was standing in it, jumping in and out, and having a great time taking a much needed shower.

The next challenge was introduced the following day, a larger pool complete with a diving board. Before I knew it I heard shouts of “Cannonball!”, followed by splashing sounds. You could say he took to it like a duck to water. (groan)


In fact, he’s had such a grand time he’s asked for a larger in-ground pool. “Why do you need a bigger pool,” I asked?

“So I can invite all my peers over for a pool party. I want to show off my mad swimming skills.”


“Um, okay, but who exactly are your peers?”

“Duh! Daffy from Warner Brothers, Donald and Scrooge from Disney…”


Melissa said...

NICE! I'm glad he was splashing around!

YarnKettle said...

Oh Mr Duck how I am starting to love you.