Saturday, May 12, 2012

Moving In and Moving Out

The alpaca boys hit the lottery and found the very best home they could ever hope for so they packed their bags, got their pedicures and shots, and headed out this morning.


They moved to a farm 35 miles west of here where there is basically a whole swat team of super nice people who want to take great care of them.  Even better, the multi-generation family knew that Willa would be lost without them and asked if they could take her with them! I cried. I’ve been so worried about Willa and where she might end up. I couldn’t be happier for all of them. Knowing they will all stay together and receive the best possible care makes me very happy.


I will miss each and every one of them, but I absolutely know it is the right thing. The timing of it all and the way it came about through my veterinarian makes me believe it was meant to be.

So the barn might be less crowded, but the coop is filling up again.  Guess who followed me home this week? 


Mr. Duck has taken up residence in Old One-Eyed Calico Jack’s former bachelor pad. I’m getting him set up with an online dating service. Hopefully we can find him a girlfriend soon.


Milah said...

If Mr Duck likes swimming in the moonlight and sharing mulberries then I have just the duck for him! Actually, if he's kinky, I have two! But he'll have to come live daughter in-law would get mad at me if I gave away her ducks.

Glad the rest of your family found good homes. That had to be bittersweet.

Karen Anne said...

Tough to see them go, I know.

You weren't kidding about Mr. Duck not being appreciated? I'm amazed.

Wendy said...

I'll miss Willa and the boys, too, but I'm glad they found a great home together.

Elaine said...

This is so sad. I'm sorry the animals had to leave for whatever reason. I just get too attached to everything.

Michelle said...

Now, if you'd just bring your sheep out to Oregon, you could be a fowl-only farm. :-) (Not that I really have room, but I'd figure SOMEthing out.)

I'm sorry for the good-byes; they have to be heartbreaking. But lucky Mr. Ducky!

Theresa said...

Hey Christine, if you want more runners, a neighbor of mine has some. Don't know if they have any for sale but they are well connected with the poultry people here.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Hope Willa and the boys new family become bloggers. For some reason I have serious attachment issues regarding dogs, rest of my critters not so much, guess I am really a dog person.