Thursday, May 3, 2012

Perhaps Some Facilitator Training is in Order.

Miss V!  What are you doing up there?

Do you really think standing in the hay feeder is appropriate behavior while we have guests?

“Lady, I’m eating for four here. You try carrying triplets, then we’ll talk about what’s appropriate behavior. Besides, Mr. Duck is the one snatching onto pant legs. ”

Is this true, Mr. Duck? You know you’ve already been written up by HR once.


“It wasn’t me. It must have been some other duck.”

You are the only duck we have.


“Oh. Um, er, that’s a problem.”


Milah said...

That's a strange looking duck. Looks like an albino penguin.

Nancy K. said...

I can see that you are going to be an INCREDIBLE asset to your job! You give PR a whole new meaning...


Kellie said...

I just love your blog. It's amazing that all those animals tell you so much. All my cat ever tells me is "feed me", "leave me alone", and "let me outside NOW".

Tombstone Livestock said...

Love the Indian Runner Duck.

Beth said...

so cute. i love them both. you really caught them at such great moments in time. awww! cute!! (:

Karen Patrick said...

Glad you seem to be enjoying your job.