Monday, August 20, 2007

Are You Smarter Than an 8th Grader?

We made major amounts of progress on all the projects this weekend. The door is done, grandma's washstand is done, the jelly cupboard is built and waiting for finishing, the bed... Yeah, I figured out why Mom never tackled that project herself. Actually, I'm catching on to why she's so generously bequeathed several projects lately. Because SHE didn't want to do them! The bed's going to be sent out to a strip joint. I hope it has a good time.

I made a small dent in the yard sale gathering, or a small pile I should say. Even though I'm not stamping or scrapbooking as much anymore I still can't bear to part with it. You never know, we might need some of it for a homeschool project. Just today for instance, while making medieval Byzantine icon art, we needed some of the paints. We'll definitely need papercrafting supplies while doing our medieval book art, along with that quill pen we made a few weeks ago. And you sure can't do justice to the Book of Kells or the Bayeux Tapestry without some cool rubber stamps.

Which leads me to another dilemma, our school schedule. It seems the curriculum director that came up with this year's course schedule (that would be me) didn't take into consideration how many hours this new hands-on rich curriculum was going to require. After six and a half hours today we finally called it a day. So the teacher (that would be me) needs to go back through all the lessons and balance the daily activities out a little more. Otherwise the gardener, the cook and the housekeeper (yep, me) will not be able to keep up with their duties.


Renee said...

LOL! You wear so many hats you should own a millinery. Of course that would give you another - hat I mean.

Will we get to see all these projects? They sound cool.

Christine said...

The furniture projects or the homeschool projects? We're just project producing fools around here, you need to be more specific. LOL