Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Well There Goes That Idea

That seems to be the recurring theme for today. Brilliant, but non-executable ideas.

There was another farmhouse we had considered prior to this one. Among other things it had the neatest rope swing hanging from a big old tree. It just exuded old fashioned charm.

I loved it and wanted to create that feeling in my own yard. I had the perfect spot. The perfect tree. The perfect limb. All I needed was some rope and a board. Until this morning when I woke to this...

I suppose I should just be grateful that Mother Nature saved my ever expanding fanny from impending doom.

After recovering from my disappointment we headed to town for supplies. I needed to get a price on bead board to use as wainscot to make the study feel more library-ish. I knew we didn't want the paneling type, we wanted the stain-grade tongue and groove boards (or as the guy at the store said "the real deal") to match what was already in other parts of the house.

After doing the quick calculation in my head, pulling my jaw back up off the floor and thanking the nice gentleman for his time I proceeded to the clearance isle where I picked up a nice libraryish-enough-to-me light fixture and declared the room done. That big fish will have to wait to be fried some other day.


LRC said...

I can't see the pictures!(can see all the others fine:)

Renee said...

Me either! I had a rude awakening today when I found out it would cost $12,000 to put cheap carpet throughout our house. Splinters in my chin too.