Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Family Heirlooms

I'm very fortunate to have several antique pieces that have been in the family for generations. This washstand belonged to my maternal grandmother. My mother refinished it once, then I had it for a while, then it ended up back at her place where she had it stripped again. Now it has come to live with me once more. (Yes Dear, I know that's a lot of moving around.)


It's a simple pine piece, most likely painted originally. That may be why neither of us has been happy with the stain finish we've applied. I was planning to paint it this time, but while working on it I made a little discovery. It seems my late Aunt Barb was practicing her penmanship many years ago both on the top drawer and inside the door. Now I realize it's perfect just the way it is.


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Renee said...

How cool that you stained it to keep that family part of the heirloom.