Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Return of the Mom Guilt

She didn't even see my carefully parked vehicle when she backed into it. Little old ladies and big cars. Not exactly a match made in heaven. I was creamed by a Cadillac.

It's not safe to park at the park. I specifically chose my parking spot to avoid other vehicles. I had visions of small, excited children wildly flinging open their doors. Little old ladies never even crossed my mind.

So when one of the group's kids came running over and exclaimed "You need to go talk to an old lady that hit your car", I was a little stunned. By the time I trekked past the swings, I was angry. Even from half way across the park it was obvious I was the only vehicle around. How on earth did someone hit my car? It's big and it's blue. It doesn't exactly blend with the surroundings.

I was shaking by the time I reached the car. Trying to control my anger. Then she, the little old lady, apologetically explained that she simply didn't see it as she backed out of her space. By the size of her I suspect she could barely see over the steering wheel let alone the trunk. And then it occurred to me...

she could have been my mother.

While my mom's not old, *wink, wink* she IS little and drives a big car. She's complained ever since she bought it that it was hard to see out the back. In fact, I think she actually may have backed into something at one point if my memory serves correct. So how could I be angry with this little old lady in the parking lot, when I know how terribly upset my mom would have been had it been her? Or Aunt Betty? So by the time the whole thing was said and done, it got twisted around to ME feeling guilty! I should have painted my vehicle safety orange so they could see it! What the?

(Something tells me I'll be getting a phone call. And I have a feeling they'll be looking something like this on the other end...)

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Anonymous said...

Yep, that was the look !!!! LOL Mom