Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Balancing Act

We're at one of those critical points where you can't really start one thing until you finish another. M needs to start building the screen doors but there's not enough room in the shop. All those projects we've been collecting need to be dealt with. We also need the space to start planning our yard sale on Labor Day weekend. Once that's over with we need to start insulating so we can keep working out there when the temperature starts to drop. So it's time to get the garage in order.

Of course it's not just that easy, I also have other things that are in the way of just getting that done. So here's my laundry list of to do's this weekend.

1. Put the FINAL coat of spar varnish on the door. (I don't care if it's 99% humidity, I'm doing it anyway, I want that door done.)

2. Try that whole staining the washstand project one more time and hopefully have it moved upstairs by the end of the weekend.

3. Bring the jelly cupboard in and start the "making old" process once M finishes building the doors.

4. Start refinishing the rope bed and have M build the side rails. (I was hoping to save the original finish but declared that impossible after cleaning them up today.)

5. Tackle the enormous mess that I claim as my craft room. Figure out what's going, what's staying and what's yard sale material.

6. Start gathering all the other yard sale stuff from around the house (ie cleaning out the nooks and crannies).

Then once all that's done, we can get back to our normal ever growing to-do list. Yeesh!


Renee said...

You know I was just sitting here thinking you don't have enough to do. Two blogs - both about very labor intensive activities, that little homeschooling thing you do on the side... Why are we friends? I sit on my tush and play spider solitaire to avoid doing the laundry.

Christine said...
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Christine said...

ROTFL! I guess I forgot to mention my insanity before we became friends didn't I?

LRC said...

As I look at my dust bunnies and black grout in the kitchen.............then continue to ignore them so the kids and I can plan their "party" for HSM 2 tonight, I wonder how we get along also..........but I do promise not to smush your SUV!