Sunday, August 26, 2007


Took some time off from the home improvements to visit with family this weekend. The battle of the sexes trivia contest had it's typical results, 3 to 1 for the guys even though we stole two guys for our team. The game is obviously tailored to those who watch sports and the History Channel. If they'd just put some HGTV type questions in there, we'd have it made.

Then it was back to work today on some of these never ending projects. Number one on the list this week is the bookcase/jelly cupboard that M built for the kitchen. He did a great job on it and even used a hand plane for the raised panel doors. (His arms were sore for a week.) The goal is for it to resemble this rather pricey piece of David T. Smith only wider with two doors. I'll post pics once I've applied the multiple layers of finish.

Still working on those nooks and crannies. Discovered I had an empty crannie, the guest bedroom closet. I promptly filled it. Even so this is going to be another big garage sale. I knew we moved a lot more with us than can actually fit in this house, but it seems it's been breeding like rabbits since then. I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't leave the lights on in the closets?

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