Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Blacksmith Shop

The village smithy, a place where men have gathered for centuries among the flames, heat, smoke and noise.

You won't want to believe me, but this is a brand new building. It's dedication was held just today with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Complete with a metal ribbon of course!

The craftsmanship is amazing. All the logs are hand hewn. As are all the buildings in this little village.

Each window is fashioned with unique metal crossbars. The doors sport hand wrought hinges and latches.

The forges consist of a raised brick hearth outfitted with bellows to feed the coal fire and a hood to carry the smoke away.

With a forge and anvil, hammer and tongs, blacksmiths can make almost anything.

Everything here is made from a simple railroad tie.

These men are some of the finest you will ever have the opportunity to meet. They are willing to pour their blood, sweat and tears into building an environment where the future may learn from the past.

And ladies, believe it or not, these big burly men can even cook up a darn fine meal. I've never had ham and beans so good!


Chicken Herder from Westville said...

They have cool things that they make, don't they??

Milah said...

I can't believe I missed it!

I love watching a man sweat...and cook!

Jayne said...

Wow, the construction of that building is amazing! That sure took some time and work. And the things the smithys made--wow! They seem like a bunch of great guys, and the look of concentration on your son's face is pretty neat.

Anonymous said...

Am enjoying learning so much from your outings. Any chance I could join your home schooling class & just show up on outing days?

Love Ya

JeanneLee said...

Christine, what cool pictures! Funny thing...the third picture down of the man in the sailboat T-shirt looks identical to my FIL!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I loved your story - thanks. blessings, marlene