Thursday, October 16, 2008


Somebody laid an egg. A pinkish brown egg. It wasn't Beth, our "special" chicken who lays green eggs. (That's one of the reasons she's special.) Or Sammie who lays nice, pretty brown eggs. Nope, it was one of the potentially evicted. Problem is, I don't know which of the sixteen did it. So I don't know who gets to stay. I think we need to come up with a chicken cam so we can catch her in the act. Maybe we could broadcast it live right here. It would be like an online version of the game Clue. I could make little chicken costumes, Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock. Yeah, yeah, I can see it now. We could become an overnight web sensation!

Or I suppose it might be simpler to just keep them all.


Milah said... can put the egg back where you found it....sprinkle some black powder on it.....wait until morning....check their little tushies while their eating......and declare your winner!

Jayne said...

Yes!! A webcam! That'd be great. I like Milah's idea, too, and it might be a tad less expensive. :)

Renee said...

Make it pay-per-view and you might recoup the cost of the coop.

Chicken Herder from Westville said...

HA HA black powder, that is soo funny. Black bottom chickens.

We just got our nest boxes made last week, we sort of followed your idea and made them with cat litter boxes, 6 of them for 12 chickens (well we might get more one day) and now we are waiting for ours to lay eggs too. The ladies are not due till November and the girls are due in December about.

I will have to take a good picture of it so you could see if you would like. The ones I already took came out crummy.

I do really want a web cam out there, I thought that would be so darn neat!

Christine Thresh said...

Yes, a chicken-cam. That would be neat.
Congratulations on your first egg.

Megan :) said...

yes a chicken cam with night vision. :) sooo its laying crazy eggs? Why not keep it around? If it lays colored eggs theres always easter. You could make a killing! Dont send it to freezer camp! :(

Christine said...

ROTFL! Oh Milah, that's brilliant. Problem is, they often sit on each other's eggs. Knowing my luck they'd all have black tushies. said...

Oh, how funny! Aren't Easter Eggers fun? We have some too and love them!

Thank you for writing about the golf balls! VERY cool!


Winifred said...

When you say potentially "evicted" what exactly is that?

No! Maybe I don't want to know.