Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eviction Notice

Dear Fat-Bottom Hens,

It has come to our attention that you have resided on said premises for over four months. If you will recall subsection B of the Front Porch Indiana Chicken Bed & Breakfast Agreement, the owners of said porch were to provide the bed and you hens are to provide the breakfast. To date, you have not provided said breakfast. This has caused a significant disruption in the supply chain and is causing the loss of business as the owners are unable to fulfill orders.

It is understood that every possible accommodation requested by you has been granted, whereby further delay of egg production is no longer substantiated. You are hereby notified that you have 30 days to begin production of said breakfast to pay for your room and board or you will be evicted.


The Management

"Did you understand a word she said, Maude?" "I'm not sure Gertie, but I think we're getting fed a special breakfast tomorrow. I hope it's pancakes."


bennie and patsy said...

To funny, Love your blog.

Milah said...

Yeah! Lay the law down! Show those hens whose boss! Slackers....who needs them. I'd be making room in my freezer right now! lol hehehehe

Renee said...

LMAO!!! I made cookies with half a dozen of the wenches output tonight. They are yummy.

Amelia said...

I bet they are not in the mood and you know how moody we females can be at times...good luck.

Have a grand and glorious weekend.


LRC said...

I too am making space for some chickens in my freezer:)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have gotten Dominiker,Barred Rock,Leg Horn,Plymoth Rock or Rhode Island Red Hens instead of the ones with the fancy shoes. They wouldn't have needed all those fancy accommodations.
Love ya,
Just Me

Carol said...

Too funny. They are certainly beautiful chickens. Hopefully they will lay an egg or two before the time is up. said...


Love, love, love it!