Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Folks, I Really Need Your Help This Time

My Dear Readers,

Anytime I’ve asked for anything on this little old blog you’ve all blown me away with your generosity. You give so willingly of your time and talents. So that’s why I turn to you first today. You see today, we have learned, that a very special woman needs your time and talents.

If you’ve been hanging out here for awhile you know I don’t normally go into a lot of detail about the humans in the family, so I’ll have to fill you in on a little background. The Engineer is from Newfoundland. His parents still live there, as well as his sister, Cathy.


Cathy is mentally delayed, is 41 years old and, we now know, has cancer. This isn’t her first battle with the disease. She battled a giant cell tumor in her back and ribs in 1989 and was in a back brace for six months while endured three months of radiation treatment. She beat it. This time around her ovaries, liver and lungs are affected. She starts chemo tomorrow and I have no doubt she can beat this, too. She is one tough cookie.

Cathy dreamed for years of living independently, to have a place of her own. Two years ago she finally achieved that goal. She attends school and constantly strives to improve her reading skills. Cathy volunteers and is the very first person to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. She loves people and is quite the social butterfly. In fact, that’s where you come in. I just know Cathy would love nothing more than to receive cards, letters or a scribbled note on the back of a napkin for that matter, from all over the country. I can just imagine the excitement in her eyes. So if I could ask this one very important favor of you I would be forever in your debt. If you can send something, please email me via the “contact me” link over there on the left column of the blog (it’s under the “about me” heading) with “Cathy” in the subject line. I’ll send back an address where your item can be sent.

Of course, if you are the praying sort, we would appreciate a mention. And if you happen to know where we might be able to find the most beautiful headscarves, please let us know. She deserves the best.

Forever yours,



Milah said...

I have a 50 year old step brother who is also mentally challenged and fighting cancer. Send me her address and I'll get something in the mail. I don't know anything about scarves, but I can certainly pray for her.
Also, my father-in-law was recently diagnosed with cancer. He starts treatments next week.

Winona said...

Oh Christine, of course I will at least pick up a card. I'll email you for the address. Prayers already said. Winona

Diva Quilts said...

Hi Christine,

I'd love to send your sister-in-law a little something, but your "contact me" thingy does a weird loop where it keeps wanting me to send your blog link to a friend. In any case, you can send me her address at divaquilts@gmail.com


Sandra Henderson said...

We are not only the praying type... HONEY~My husband has a direct line!!! HE's been living since 2005 w/both carotid arteries 100% CLOSED, after going through a lifeflight and much more... MAYO clinic has no idea and would love to experiment on him since he's a textbook case. SO!~YES! Pray we shall!
Even though we have no mail services here, we will write and get it out ASAP! XO

Julie-Ann said...

Count me in, Christine. Since I am in "retirement transition" I will send her cards from both Milwaukee, WI and Canton, GA. Cathy sounds like a wonderful person and someone I would like as a friend.

I didn't see a link, however. Maybe you could email me the info by going to my blog and contacting me?

Hang in there with the rain. Milwaukee it really getting hit, too.

englishteacup said...

I am going through chemo and have some lovely scarves that I could sent just let me know where to send them. Englishteacup(Lynne)

Kristy said...

I just sent you an email in support of Cathy. I'll certainly send her a card from St. Louis, Missouri and offer my support.

Jody said...

I'm not seeing the link, but I would really love to send something - could you contact me thru my blog? God bless-

Balisha said...

I recently had a brain tumor...it was benign. I ordered several headscarves, but never used them. I just went bald...could never stand having anything on my head. I would be glad to send them along for someone else to use.She's in my prayers...this will be tough for her. Send info to my blog, if you want me to send them.

Karen Anne said...

Milah, I am sorry about your stepbrother and father in law, and am wishing them the best.

Angela said...

Christine I am so sorry. As for scarves, Dharma Trading sells blank silk scarves you could dye yourself. Just a thought. They are pretty inexpensive and would be very unique. Prayers to the family.

Andee said...

Happy to send out a card with well wishes..send the address on. My oldest is high functioning autistic...my heart is with you!

Janet said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and I would love to send a card from Australia.