Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Would Like to Introduce You to…

our two newest farm hands,



and Shirley.


They tired of their jobs at Shotz Brewery and decided to go into the landscaping business. It’s late, hot, and they’re settling in for the night with their milk and Pepsi. We’ll talk more in the morning.



Milah said...

I love Laverne and Shirley! I suggest you get the clippers out and monogram Larverne with an "L"
Why is it I see Lenny and Squiggy in your future???

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'd forgotten about the milk and pepsi :-D. Laverne and Shirley are beautiful. Congrats!!!

Benita said...

At least you know Laverne will get the Milk and Pepsi. So, is Shirley bossy? I agree that you need to get a couple of boys and name them Lenny and Squiggy, but only if you are willing to paint their toilet (area) black. :)