Friday, June 18, 2010

Since My Last Post I…

  1. Was in a car accident that was not my fault.
  2. Spent an afternoon on a floatie in a lake.
  3. Got a major sunburn.
  4. Invested in SPF 100.
  5. Grilled out under an awning in a thunderstorm.
  6. Decided a tent is not effective if you have to set it up in a puddle, drove home instead.
  7. Bought a camper.
  8. Decided wearing muck boots on sunburned legs is a lot like torture.
  9. Nearly fainted when I got the estimate to repair the truck.
  10. Spent three or four days just trying to reply to a single question for my online class.
  11. Went from reading poetry to a technical communications manual in the span of only a few minutes.
  12. Failed a quiz  because the computer system screwed up.
  13. Weeded the garden with a hoe while envisioning the ground was the computer screen.
  14. Removed 18 lbs of dog hair from the Willabeest and considered spinning it into a sweater.
  15. Cleaned out Jack’s side of the coop.
  16. Signed my baby up for drivers ed.
  17. Waited to hear back from the insurance adjuster, didn’t.
  18. Popped the cork on a bottle of wine.
  19. Sat my arse in a rocking chair on the porch to watch the sheep graze.
  20. Started writing a book.

So what have you all been doing?



Patchwork Penguin said...

Ummmmmmmmmmm after all that.... I got nothin'!

You've worn me out :o)

Lisa Martin said...

I am with Patchwork... I've got nothing as well.

John Gray said...

you have very little havent you?

a simple quilter said...

Bummer on the accident....but must know more on the camper.... I've had my eye on a little r-pod and I'd love to hear what you bought

two more broody hens and five more eggs getting ready to hatch....we now refe to the hens as " girls gone wild"

Conny said...

Nada. Just working. The To Do list grows.

You got a lot accomplished. :>)

Milah said...

I think you are entitled to a little vacation....perhaps you can go sit on Jayne's porch for a won't bother her any....she's out back starting another project! ;D

diamondc said...

I am so tired now, how come you did so much in such a short period of time? Slow down, me just stitching.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yikes. I think I'll stop complaining!

Carol said...

Veggin', that's it and I don't feel guilty either.

Jayne said...

Milah's right, come sit on my porch! I have wine chilling in the fridge and I'm picking up some more Woodchuck later today. I won't even ask you to help me chop down the honeysuckle & the mulberry trees, promise! :)

Mom L said...

Nope - got nuttin - like Conny said, just added to my to-do list! And picked up more books at the library.

Nancy in Iowa

Michelle said...

Bummer! I guess I was at a sheep show when all this was happening....