Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Lovely Lady’s Purse

Even though my kids made me watch The Rescuers Down Under at least a thousand times, I still, to this day, laugh out loud at Frank in this scene every time. So much so that it’s become a running gag in my family for years. I think Frank was one of Disney’s finest creations. Funny, funny stuff. In fact, I think I’ll go dig through the old VHS tapes and watch the whole thing today. Assuming we still have a device to play it on, I’m not so sure about that?

I’ve been whittling away at that project list of mine and as I worked I couldn’t stop thinking about Frank and his “lovely lady’s purse.” See how my mind works? It’s fun being me.

I first have to say that it’s only a small miracle that I managed to accomplish this. My experience with sewing projects, outside of the straight lines required to make a quilt, date back many moons ago to high school. I foolishly attempted to make a nightshirt, complete with buttons and a collar, as my very first sewing project. It was also my last. Let’s just say it didn’t turn out the way I expected. I’ve avoided the sewing machine, other than quilts and a few pillows, ever since. Until now.

Ta-da! Look what I made! I started off small, really small with this bag for my daughter. It  is just big enough for a cell phone, your ID and some cash or credit card. Perfect for the 21 year old.


Then I moved up a little and added a zipper, there is a pocket on the back. A perfect shop hop bag.


But I wasn’t done yet. With new found confidence I tackled a real sewing project.


I totally love this bag. There is a place for everything and everything is in it’s place. DSC_4933

I like it so much I’m making myself one for every season. Here’s the summer edition.

DSC_4936 Polka dots!


So, I can now add “Bag Lady” to my list of life-long accomplishments. Shoot, had I know they could be this fun and easy I would have been making them all along.



Lori said...

Fantastic!! They all look perfectly wonderful!!! Way to go on the bag lady graduation!! LOL

Benita said...

I agree! Making bags is so much fun because you can mix and match fabrics and make something unique, beautiful and usefull all at once. And they are machine washable - an added bonus!

Love the bags!

Kim said...

Love it! What pattern did you use?

CathyD. said...

I love them! Did you use a pattern?

Christine said...

The last two bags are the "Mini Bow Tucks" pattern. The middle size bag is the "Runaround Bag" by Lazy Girl Designs.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh dear..bags, too. Your talent continues to amaze and inspire me. Why-oh-why did I never learn to sew?!!!
Really pretty bags!

bennie and patsy said...

You inspire me!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Would you make me a drop spindle bag?

Jayne said...

Girl, you're givin Vera Bradley a run for her money! I love your bags!

Milah said...

You never sieze to amaze me! Next winter, you will be knitting those hand bags with your own wool!

SharonK said...

Excellent looking bags. Are you sure you couldn't already sew them and just pretneding to us that you are a novice bag maker!! Beautiful fabric choices too.

Karen said...

Love your humor! Love your bags! Love the hope you inspire! Seriously. My first (and only) year of sewing in school, I sewed the inside of the front to the outside of the back of whatever it was I trying to make. (You see, I've blocked the specifics out of my mind) I do own a (somewhat dusty) machine, so maybe there's hope for me after all. And I'm really handy with a seam ripper. :)

Karen Anne said...

I really love those bags.

My first in school sewing project was a horrible "play suit" they had us make (this was back in the 1950s.)

And in home ec we were "learning" to make scrambled eggs, while the guys got to do shop. Sigh.

Carol said...

Christine I am sooo happy you found bags. I have been making them for years and they are so much fun. Hope you keep making them. No one else has one like mine no matter what season or outfit and I get many compliments on them as I am sure you will.

Karen Anne said...

Does the pattern for the little wallet(?) come with the mini bow tucks pattern?

I think once I get to the bag on my infinite some day I'll do this list, I'd put a zipper in the top, otherwise the way I sling mine around, stuff would fall out.

Christine said...

Hi Karen,

No, the wallet was a separate pattern but so poorly written I wouldn't recommend it.

The zipper is a really good idea.

Nancy K. said...

VERY cute bags!
I bet you could sell them....


Karen Anne said...

Nancy K,

When I looked for where the pattern is sold, I found people selling the completed bags on Etsy for $30 - $40. (The $30 one looks a bit crooked.)

They must be pretty labor intensive, but I imagine, after a few, practice would make speedy. Something to do in Christine's Copious Spare Time :-)

Christine said...

Well then I should sell them for twice that because they'll be very, very rare. LOL

Churubusco, Indiana said...

Perfectly divine!