Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lucy & Ethel

DSC_5433I tried explaining to them that just because Laverne & Shirley are here doesn’t mean they’ve lost their prime time slot. In fact, I told them, there is plenty of room on the Front Porch Indiana network to accommodate them, The Golden Girls, The Dukes AND Laverne & Shirley. But being the divas that they are, Lucy is sulking and Ethel keeps giving me the you-disgust-me stare.

Luckily for them they realized going on strike was of no use. The only thing they could give up doing is eating, and I assure you neither of them are willing to go that far.



Milah said...

Cheer up Lucy! At least you still have Ethyl.

thecrazysheeplady said...


Nancy K. said...

You make me SMILE!


Sandra Henderson said...

I love your blog!~I enjoyed catching up this afternoon. I'd take those eggers in a heartbeat if I lived near you! :)
Your animals are just beautiful!!! XO