Sunday, June 27, 2010

Laverne & Shirley

“Good morning, ladies. Are you ready to go to work?” I asked as I opened the door to the sheep shack this morning.

“You want us to eat all of THAT? Are you crazy? We’re just two little lambs!”


“Okay then, how about we start small with just this little section right outside the door until you get used to your new jobs?”


“Shirl, I’m not so sure this was such a good idea.”

DSC_5415 christinesig


Mom L said...

I think Laverne & Shirley will do a great job! I can just hear that nasal twang as they complain....

Nancy in Iowa

deborah said...

I so enjoy your blog...are we hoping that Laverne and Shirley have lots of fun getting into trouble at their new jobs?

Michelle said...

Sigh. I just LOVE that katmoget pattern! Since I am using a grey kat ram this fall I should get some of my own next year, but probably not that lighter, distinctive facial pattern as his is the darker version from the UK.

Nancy K. said...

Oh, now that is just WAY TOO CUTE!!!